Ali yawar

        is a Graphic Designer based in London, UK. Ethnically Afghan, born in Russia, raised in North-West London; this sort of diversity exposure is pretty hard to manufacture. What a gift of an upbringing! Paired with plenty of emotional sensitivity and mindfulness, Ali can precisely understand his clients’ needs.

The primary goal with all of his designs is to get right under the skin of visual communication problems; then provide an intuitive and emotional solution. 

Personally, Ali is often preoccupied with human psychology, and his reading list on the topic is ever-increasing. Current reading: To Have or To Be?

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        March 2018 – February 2019
Graphic Designer — Norwood Charity

        August 2017 – March 2018
Graphic Designer — Independent

        April 2017 – July 2017
Shillington College of Graphic Design

        December 2016 – April 2017
Print Specialist — Staples

        September 2011 – August 2014
BSc Psychology

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London, United Kingdom