Volunteer Recognition Awards
Sometimes, a lack of resources means volunteer award ceremonies for small charities aren’t designed with the same level of care that their volunteers put in. In a bid to reflect Norwood’s respect for the impact of their volunteers, I took the chance to create a new abstract, bold identity that volunteers would feel proud of attending. It was a huge success.

Created at Norwood together with copywriter Hywel Roberts (2018)

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

In redesigning Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s album ‘Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven’, I sought to more closely express the ‘organic, infinite, and apocalyptic‘ nature of the music. I used an art technique called ‘acrylic pour’ to achieve this. It took many attempts.

Student Brief (2017)

Social Silence
To fight the high prevalence of social media and phone addiction, we at Norwood came up with ‘Social Silence’, a campaign asking young people to take a break for a day. I took the lead on all concepts and artwork, and created a bold, typographic approach across the range of collateral. The campaign gained much traction and support, but was pulled at the last minute—I have a fantastic story about why. 

Created at Norwood together with copywriters Carissa Tucker, Kerry Hogan, and Hywel Roberts (2018)


Sometimes, people consider the UFC (and cagefighting) as brutish, or dumb. This is not the case! Fighters are kinesthetically, rhythmically, and strategically hyper-intelligent. To change public perceptions, I invented—and branded—the ‘I FIGHT FOR’ festival; a weekend of intellectual and physical development. It was to be a collaboration between UFC and TED. My guiding themes for the design were ‘growth, refinement, and movement’

Student Brief (2017)

London, United Kingdom